Thankful November

Thankful November

It has been awhile

Since last I started this, I stopped working out and eating right which made me gain all I lost back. Then I had weight loss surgery and have since lost 52 pounds! But I haven’t been taking my depression meds because I have to crush them up to take them and it makes me gag. So it has been over a week since I’ve taken that medication and I’m feeling the withdrawal effects and I’m feeling depressed.
I’m angry by this! I wanted to get off these stupid meds I don’t want to have to rely on a pill for my good mood I want the fact that I’m losing weight and getting healthy to be the cause of my good mood!
Was the surgery worth it…?

I found this idea on Pintrest and thought it was a great motivational tool and can’t wait to move those marbles to the pounds lost jar!!!

I found this idea on Pintrest and thought it was a great motivational tool and can’t wait to move those marbles to the pounds lost jar!!!

Time off

So I took about a week and a half off from working out just needed a little break. But this week I’m getting back into the swing of things!! I am happy to say that I maintained and didn’t gain while I was on a break!

Yesterday I worked out with a couple of my friends, these friends have been seeing a personal trainer so they were able to show me some stuff and push me past my comfort zone. We worked out for 2 hours and 15 minutes!! We ran a little at the beginning and then we worked on our core and balance (FYI I have no balance so you can imagine I had a difficult time with this one) we did a bunch of other stuff that I won’t bore you with but lets just say I was sweating like a PIG!!! Haha
I have somehow injured my left knee doing squats or leg press or just standing there (lol) and now need to wear a brace when I hit the gym but I won’t let this stop me!! I have another problem, I see myself completely different in my head and when I look in the mirror I wonder who that person is staring back at me I guess that’s something I need to work on.

I have 10 days till we leave for Hawaii and I’m hoping to hit my goal before we go! I’m so close I know I can make it!!! Everyone cross your fingers!!

My Weight Loss Journey

Last night I had a great idea to blog about my journey. Let me introduce myself: I’m Pam I’m 29 years old married for almost 10 years and have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. We live on the central coast of California and it’s a great place to live!! (Side note: I am horrible at punctuation so if that bothers you, well you probably shouldn’t keep reading haha)

My story
After I had my daughter I was had a lot of anxiety and depression, and used that as an excuse to eat and eat and sit around which obviously made me gain weight. I tried weight watchers, it worked ok but I wasn’t seeing results like I wanted to. Then I tried Phentermine which is a pill that makes you feel like you are on TONS and TONS of caffeine and tricks your brain into thinking that you aren’t hungry, that worked great I lost 30lbs but learned nothing and went on a cruise and gained it all back. After that I started to consider weight loss surgery but it was going to cost soooo much!!

I joined the gym and got a personal trainer and didn’t watch what I ate and my heart wasn’t in it. In January of this year my aunt started a group on Facebook to encourage others to loose weight. I did it but was mainly just maintaining.

At the beginning on March I cut out ALL sodas! It was hard but well worth it!! I also started walking around the block which is about 1.3 miles because my friend had started doing that and it was really motivating me! Then on April 17th I signed up for the gym again, but was sick for the first couple of days and didn’t get to go.

Now we are to the present I have gone to the gym every day but Sunday and I know what you’re thinking, “wait that’s not even a week” I LOVE how I feel after I run and lift some weights and I LOVE how my clothes are fitting!!! I am now on a low calorie diet (or as I like to call it, lifestyle change) and working out every day. So far I have lost 18lbs and I will NEVER see those 18lbs again!!